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Sentimental time.  Had a bunch of those!

On the way to the mountain

Clean up of the spot selected for the ceremony

Still working on it

After the ceremony, Phil and Amanda drove to the top of the mountain for their devotional time with the minister.

Still on the trip up

They made it to the top

Surrounding Scenery

Verna opened the sun roof on our Mazda and stood up inside the car to take this pic of Amanda and Phil who were following us.

Amanda getting ready

Amanda getting beartifuler

Getting things loaded up so we could go straight from the ceremony to the

Waiting around in the hotel lobby before heading for the mountain.

Ascending the road (trail) to the site of the ceremony.

And here she is.  Another sentimental time.

Checking it out.

The REAL trip to the top

It's all over honey!

Someone needs to say

Packin' it in

Had to stop here to get rid of used coffee and load up with gas.

Yep, Gas!

The cake and champaigne

Cutting the cake

Pose for Pictures

And more Pictures

Finally, cutting it

Loading it

Fireing it!


Drowning it

Siphoning it out

Hmmm, must have tasted pretty good!

That part's over!


Wandering around

Master Album

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